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Welcome to the Blogosphere: The Invisible College

Today please welcome a new international law blog to the blogosphere: The Invisible College. It is a group blog consisting of the creators of the 1948 blog and The Core. Here is a brief description of the blog:

The blog’s title refers to an 1977 article by Oscar Schachter (“The Invisible College of International Lawyers”, 72 Northwestern University Law Review (1977) 217-226), in which he speaks of the “professional community of international lawyers” forming an “invisible college dedicated to a common intellectual enterprise”. While Schachter mostly concerns himself with international lawyers who are government officials and/or career acedemics, it seems that the “invisible college” he speaks of has grown substantially in the 30 years since then; it now includes undergraduate and graduate students, interns with various international organisations, University researchers, attorneys working in international practice areas, NGO lawyers and many more.

It is our hope that our blog can become not only an interesting read, but an actual community resource for this diverse group. We plan to publish, besides commentaries on international developments, posts on Master and Doctoral programs, summer schools, job opportunities in the field, web ressources for scientific research, etc. etc.

We at International Law Observer welcome the Invisible College Blog and look forward to some interesting blogging on international law.

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