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Venice School of Human Rights

The 3rd edition of Venice School of Human Rights will take place from 28 June till 7 July 2012.

The goal of the Venice School is to allow its participants to be updated on the state of the art debate on human rights issues and to stimulate a reflection on the actual challenges faced by human rights actors worldwide.

After a first session common to all participants dedicated to a general introduction on international systems of protection of human rights and related mechanisms, the programme will develop into the following three thematic clusters:

  • Bussiness and Human Rights
  • Development and Human Rights
  • Transitional Justice and Fight against Impunity

Online registration is open until 30 April 2012 at


Florence Benoît-Rohmer: EIUC Secretary General and Professor at University of Strasbourg

Eric David: Professor at Free University of Brussels

Martyn Day: Lawyer at Leigh Day Co.

Jan Eijsbout: Professor at Maastricht University

Christopher Gosnell: Lawyer before ICTY/ICTR/SCSL

Menno Kamminga: Professor at Maastricht University

Zdzislaw Kedzia: Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan

Stephen Marks: Professor at Harvard School of Public Health

Maria-Daniella Marouda: Lecturer at Panteion University Athens

Stelios Perrakis: Professor at Panteion University Athens

Jennifer Zerk: lawyer at Jennifer Zerk Consulting

Key Facts

Teaching language: English.

Lecturers: Internationally recognized experts in the field of human rights belonging to EIUC’s partner universities and other organisations that support EIUC projects and endeavors.

Participants: Postgraduate students from all academic backgrounds, graduates from all regional masters in human rights and democratization, E.MA alumni, human rights practitioners.

Type of courses: Lecturers in the plenum and smaller seminars.

Fees: 860,00 € which includes tuition fee, accommodation in a shared double room, lunches on class days and all related reading material.

Venue: Monastery of San Nicolo, Venice Lido

At the end of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Venice School of Human Rights.

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  1. justice chowhan justice chowhan 24 March 2012

    human rights is a new religion wih he un declaration as its a holy bppkit has to be read daily and sermoned.The violations of these rights continue so organising editions on this great topic which transcend religion, territories and species of human beings become essential.
    justce Ali nawaz Chowhan foremerly Intl Juge of the UN at the hague and visiting professor of Intl law

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