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United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law

Readers of our blog should have a look at the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law. It is a good resource for easy-access to, for example, presentations from eminent scholars on the various sub-chapters of international law. Here is the official description:

The Audiovisual Library (AVL) is one of the educational components under the Programme of Assistance, established in 1965 by the United Nations General Assembly. Its objective is to enhance the dissemination and wider appreciation of international law through teaching. The AVL provides, amongst others, a permanent collection of scholarly lectures on a broad range of topics in international law that are of enduring value for teaching and training purposes for the legal profession, both in the public sector and the private sector. The resources of the AVL are available via its website to all institutions and individuals around the globe free of charge. Since it was launched on 28 October 2008, the Audiovisual Library has been viewed by almost 1 million users in all 193 Member States of the United Nations.

Thanks to Paula Iwanowska for drawing our attention to it.