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The Swine Flu Outbreak and International Law

ASIL Insights published an interesting article on “The Swine Flu Outbreak and International Law” that is well worth a read. In the article Prof. David P. Fidler from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington, gives an assessment of how the International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR 2005) – adopted by the World Health Organization in an effort to revise the international rules on infectious diseases – have functioned as a response to the outbreak and spreading of the new virus.


  1. Ariel Ariel 1 May 2009

    this iswine flu is ruining this country. for one its killing our people and making us very sick, and for two there are alot of racial comments about this swine flu against mexican. its messing up our country. we already have alot of racial stuff going on as it is. now we have more. Im not a mexican but i see how this can hurt them. its not mexicans fault, well i dont know for sure, but i know all mexicans didnt do it.

  2. Mariana Mariana 2 May 2009

    This is SO sad…. I am Mexican and I feel utterly frustrated by the fact that in some countries there are racial and discriminatory measures agains Mexicans. Like in israel, they say “let’s call it the mexican flu, because to add the word swine is religious”…. Or the suspension of flights to our country while the original swine flu virus was brought from the States and there are almost as many cases as we have here…. Or the case of this family of four mexicans tourists (two kids, the oldest 8 y-old) that are beinh held like prisoners in a hospital outside Beijing…. Or the case of the soccer player Carlos Vela that plays with the Arsenal, who was sent to his UK flat only because he was mexican…. Or people not wanting to even touch mexican tourists in Germany, even mocking them in restaurants, offering hospital masks in case “they run out of them”….
    People, we had so far 12 deaths, not the hundreds I have heard in the international media. Mexico is a BEAUTIFUL country with well disciplined people….. We are succesfully stopping the out break of swine flu, which happens to be originally from euro-asian swines….

  3. Julia Julia 2 March 2010

    Very awesome post. It has been very difficult for me to find anything good on this topic. thanks.

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