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The European Identity

cig_en.jpgAccording to a press release of the EU Parliament, the Parliament will work closely with the Commission to conclude the drafting of the EU Reform Treaty, although “some issues still need to be properly discussed“. What is interesting here is the fact that the two organs, which in essence represent the unity (vs. diversity) of the European Union, work so closely together in order to conclude the drafting of the Reform Treaty without any reference to the representatives of the governments or other representatives of the Member States. 

Surely, according to the decision of the Council of the European Union of 19 July 2007, “a Commission representative will participate in Conference meetings at all levels” during the Intergovernmental Conference amending the existing EU/EC treaties, and “the European Parliament will be closely associated with and involved in the work of the Conference”; but who could have thought that the EU Parliament and Commission, representing the very identity sui generis of the Union, would join forces? After all, the Intergovernmental Conference will be conducted under the overall responsibility of the Heads of State or Government. I guess this is another beautiful example of the emancipation of the European identity, being separate from the different national identities.

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