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Symposium on "The Future of International Criminal Justice"

The Santa Clara Journal of International Law is organizing a symposium on the “Future of International Criminal Justice” between March 13 and March 14. The keynote speaker at the symposium is Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, Professor of Law at DePaul University College of Law. The conference will feature four papers on the following topics: complementarity and the International Criminal Court; terrorism as an international crime; extra-territorial penal jurisdiction; and collective responsibility for international crimes. The symposium will include four panels, one for each of the papers, in which commentators will provide a range of perspectives on the topics addressed. The symposium will conclude with a roundtable discussion in which panelists will explore how the international legal system may better achieve the goals of international criminal law. The conference will be attended by numerous distinguished scholars in the field an some names should sound familiar to those of us who follow international law related blogs: Michael Scharf, Wolfgang Kaleck, Laura Dickinson, Jamie Mayerfeld, Allison Danner, Dapo Akande, Mark Drumbl, Andre Nollkaemper, Julian Ku, Allen S. Weiner and Beth Van Schaack. The schedule is available here.

Thanks to Ann Marie Ursini of the Santa Clara Journal of International Law for drawing my attention to this event.

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