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Remembering 9/11

world_trade_center.jpgToday it is six years ago, terrorists attacked the free world by flying commercial airliners into the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Much has happened since and due to these attacks; not at least from an international law perspective: the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the trial of Saddam Hussein, “Guantanamo” and the discussion on various new methods in the war on terror etc. But although international law most certainly may function as a tool to process these phenomenon and even present the suitable framework to deal with them, it has turned out that it does not provide the proper means to prevent them. Instead, to tackle the cause(s) of these occurrences, is a social and political issue. Why do terrorist attacks occur? Which are the actual causes that explain the emergence of an individual (or perhaps even collective) will to commit terrorist attacks? Jane Perlez wrote an interesting article on this issue in todays International Herald Tribune named “On 9/11 anniversary, looking inward to explain terrorist attacks“.

Also, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, issued the following statement (extract):

On 11 September 2001 the world woke up in a new era. The people who died in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington were victims of a new form of terrorism – striking with unprecedented viciousness and on an unprecedented scale. We have since witnessed attacks throughout the world including Europe. The recent arrests in Denmark and Germany are a dramatic reminder that the terrorist threat is virtually everywhere and as great as ever before. Our Governments have a duty to do everything they can to protect the public from the terrorist threat. (…)” Read more here.

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