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Opening Remarks to The Editorial Team and Members of International Law Observer by Salma Yusuf

Greetings to fellow members of the international legal community representing the diverse jurisdictions and legal systems of the world!

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to be welcomed to the distinguished Panel of Authors of the Editorial Team at the International Law Observer. Thank you, Dominik Zimmerman, Editor-in-Chief of the International Law Observer, for the kind words of introduction.

It is indeed humbling to be accorded the opportunity to partake in the facilitation and exchange of a timely flow of news, views and scholarship on the wide and varied branches of international law. Further, to be a member of such an esteemed panel of academics and scholars in the international legal community from all regions of the world, who are influencing debate and shaping discourse in their respective fields of expertise, is a rare honour.

We live in an age of globalization and unprecedented connectivity that is characteristic of the digital era. Hence, the initiative that is the International Law Observer plays a pivotal role in bringing to the fore emerging and influential thought, insight and developments in the profession to keep its members – academics, scholars, practitioners, researchers, enthusiasts and students – abreast of what matters and what counts in the international legal regime.

I wish you all a pleasant evening, and thank you, once again, for the warm welcome to the International Law Observer!

SALMA YUSUF is contactable at

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