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New Issue: International Legal Materials (Volume 59 / Issue 2, April 2020)

Volume 59 / Issue 2 of the International Legal Materials was just published by CUP.


Jadhav Case (India v. Pakistan) (I.C.J.)
Freya Baetens

The Nicolas Maduro Regime (O.A.S.)
Christina M. Cerna

U.S. v. Assa Co. Ltd. (2d Cir.)
Theodore J. Folkman

In re del Valle Ruiz (2d Cir.)
Jared Hubbard

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2462
William Casey King, Richard Gordon

Georgia v. Russia (Eur. Ct. H.R.)
Milena Sterio

Decision Pursuant to Article 15 of the Rome Statute on the Authorisation of an Investigation into the Situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Int’l Crim. Ct.)
Jonathan P. Worboys

Views Adopted by the Committee Under Article 5(4) of the Optional Protocol, Concerning Sanila-aikio v. Finland, Communication No. 2668/2015, and Klemetti Käkkäläjärvi et al., Communication No. 2950/2017 (H.R. Comm’n)
CJ Iorns Magallanes

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