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New Issue: European Competition Journal, Volume 16, Issue 1

The new issue of the European Competition Journal, Volume 16, Issue 1, May 2020 was just published.


Competition policy and digital platforms: six uncontroversial propositions
Mike Walker

“Trust me, I’m fair”: analysing Google’s latest practices in ad tech from the perspective of EU competition law
Damien Geradin & Dimitrios Katsifis

Should EU competition law move towards a Neo-Brandeis approach?
Florian Kraffert

The temporal scope of the damages directive: a comparative analysis of the applicability of the new rules on competition infringements in Europe
Philipp Kirst

Sincere cooperation and antitrust enforcement: insights from the Damages and ECN+ Directives
Claudia Massa

Financialization of the food value chain, common ownership and competition law
Ioannis Lianos, Alina Velias, Dmitry Katalevsky & George Ovchinnikov

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