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New feature: the “Relevant Literature” section

By creating this blog the authors of International Law Observer wanted to promote the critical debate on up-to-date legal developments in the field of (public) international law inter alia by reporting on recent developments in the academic field, informing on influential case-law of international tribunals, presenting international custom and important legislation by international organizations and introducing new publications. In order to put more emphasis than before on the last point, the discussion of new literature, we are now introducing a new feature: the “Relevant Literature” section (see the left column and the entry on the Special Coverage page). Here we will gather discussions and presentations on new monographs, edited works, or other publications of significance. We hope that you, our readers, will enjoy this new section. As before, you can (and indeed should) always contribute by commenting on posts, presenting suggestions on titles for review and even by submitting your own review (perhaps even of your own work) as a guest contribution.

We will start of the new feature with an upcoming review by Ole Windahl Pedersen of the book “Environmental Law and Justice in Context”, edited by Jonas Ebbesson and Phoebe Okowa and published by Cambridge University Press. Stay tuned!

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