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New Book: International Human Rights Law and Practice (Bantekas & Oette)

Ilias Bantekas and Lutz Oette just published “International Human Rights Law and Practice” (Cambridge University Press 2020).


This unique textbook merges human rights law with its practice, from the courtroom to the battlefield. Human rights are analysed in their particular context, and the authors assess, among other things, the impact of international finance, the role of NGOs, and the protection of rights in times of emergency, including the challenges posed by counter-terrorism. In parallel, a series of interviews with practitioners, case studies and practical applications offer multiple perspectives and challenging questions on the effective implementation of human rights. Although the book comprehensively covers the traditional areas of international human rights law, including its regional and international legal and institutional framework, it also encompasses, through distinct chapters or large sections, areas that have a profound impact on human rights worldwide, such as women’s rights, human rights and globalisation, refugees and migration, human rights obligations of non-state actors, debt and human rights, and others.

  • Fully revised and updated, including a new chapter on the recognition and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups and persons

  • Features new sections on topics including the Arab human rights system, cultural rights and sustainable development

  • Takes an innovative approach, mixing academic rigour and practical emphasis, leading students to a full understanding of the law

  • New integrated interviews with human rights professionals and practitioners give the subject immediacy and relevance

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