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New Book: Human Rights in a Time of Populism – Challenges and Responses (Neuman (Ed.))

Gerald L. Neuman (Ed.) just published “Human Rights in a Time of Populism – Challenges and Responses” (Cambridge Univserity Press 2020).


The electoral successes of right-wing populists since 2016 have unsettled world politics. The spread of populism poses dangers for human rights within each country, and also threatens the international system for protecting human rights. Human Rights in a Time of Populism examines causes, consequences, and responses to populism in a global context from a human rights perspective. It combines legal analysis with insights from political science, international relations, and political philosophy. Authors make practical recommendations on how the human rights challenges caused by populism should be confronted. This book, with its global scope, international human rights framing, and inclusion of leading experts, will be of great interest to human rights lawyers, political scientists, international relations scholars, actors in the human rights system, and general readers concerned by recent developments.

  • Analyzes the urgent topic of populism from a human rights perspective to illuminate issues neglected in most literature on populism, and offers needed recommendations on how to respond

  • Speaks to a wide audience and offers interdisciplinary insights, including legal, philosophical, political science, international relations, and practitioner perspectives

  • Provides a global look at the subject with an international range of experts examining populism in the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the international system

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