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New Book: Dispute Resolution in China, Europe and World (Chen & Janssen (Eds.))

Lei Chen and André Janssen (Eds.) just published “Dispute Resolution in China, Europe and World” (Springer 2020).


This book brings together articles from leading experts in the field of international dispute resolution. The main focus is on the situation in Asia, though the European perspective also plays an important part. Accordingly, the focus on the Asian dispute resolution market with a distinctly American and European “touch” is one of the book’s most unique features.

The dispute resolution market is rapidly transforming, and dispute resolution law is changing with it –especially in Asia. This book highlights recent advances and outlines future trends in this area. Emphasis is especially placed on International Commercial Arbitration Law on the one hand; and on International Investment Arbitration Law on the other. Two dedicated sections address these two topics, while another is dedicated to a quite new phenomenon in the field of international dispute resolution, the emergence of International Commercial Courts not only in Asia, but also in other regions of the world (e.g. in the Netherlands). This raises a host of interesting legal questions, which the book addresses. The book’s final section investigates general trends in dispute resolution (e.g. the rising cost problem in arbitration in general).

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