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New author joins International Law Observer

After having Eitan Diamond from the ICRC join our team of authors in mid-June, it is now time for another expansion of our group. This time, we are glad to welcome Valentina Azarov as a new author. Valentina may already be familiar to some of our readers since she used to be an author for the academic weblog She has extensive experience from working for various NGOs (inter alia with the African Child Policy Forum in Ethiopia and the Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and the London Detainee Support Group. Her areas of expertise – and this is what you will most likely see her deal with here on International Law Observer – are international humanitarian law, human rights and developments in asylum/immigration law. Valentina currently works as a legal researcher at Hamoked – Center for the defence of the individual based in East Jerusalem. A warm welcome from the authors and we are very glad to have her join our ranks. Valentina, the floor is yours …

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