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Law Yearbooks from Oxford – Free Online Access until February 28th

Since the start of January 2011 the law yearbooks from Oxford University Press, previously available only in print, have become available online as well. This includes all volumes since 1996 but not the most recent ones which only published in December 2010.

To launch this initiative we are making all of this content freely available until the end of February 2011. To view, browse, download and search the material click on these links: 

British Year Book of International Law

Yearbook of International Environmental Law

Yearbook of European Law

Current Legal Problems

The latest volume of each will become available to subscribers from April 2011. New content for future volumes will become available online to subscribers as it is processed thus dramatically reducing the time taken before an author’s work is publicly available.

For access after the end of February you will need a subscription. Please contact your librarian if you are not sure whether your institution has taken up a subscription.

[Thanks to John Louth at OUP for drawin my attention to this.]

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