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International Law Observer welcomes new author

Once again we are delighted to announce that our team is expending: starting today Jennifer Dee Halbert, a Ph.D. candidate in international law at Swansea University, is joining our ranks. Her research is on the topic of ”The Responsibility to Protect Minority Populations” and examines whether R2P may be viably applied as a minority protection mechanism.  Utilizing the tripartite typology of responsibility inherent to human rights discourse, the research project will identify the minority obligations innate to R2P and in doing so seek to answer broader questions which arise in relation to R2P, for example, who owes a R2P? Jennifer’s research interests encompass minority protection/rights (international and regional), conflict prevention (particularly intra-state), state responsibility and international criminal law.

The first post with which Jennifer will make her debut on International Law Observer is about the doctrine of R2P. All those who have followed the blog for some time know that this is something that has preoccupied us before. Hence we are particularly delighted to now have an expert on the subject amongst us. With these short words, a warm welcome from the whole team!

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