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International Law Observer back online

As our readers may have noticed, the International Law Observer website was offline for a couple of months, due to a hacker incident that essentially wiped out the entire website. Having spent a significant amount of time on recovering at least some of the content, we are now again in a position to bring our readers new content.

We have also seized this opportunity to slightly change the look and feel of the website. In particular, the new design of the website provides readers with swift access to relevant content with the help of  the top bar called “Quick Access by >>”.

Here you can quickly reach past and present posts filtered by e.g. the relevant area of law or affected geographical region. Direct links also take you to news articles, book reviews, and posts from our guest authors.

In the columns on the left and right side of the title page, readers can get a quick overview of announcements and other information.

Dedicated pages for general information on the website, such as a legal disclaimer and contact information, can be reached by clicking on one of the links at the top of the website.

Our social media presence (in particular our Twitter account) is highlighted on the top right-hand corner and bottom of every page.

In addition, each post features biographical information on the relevant author, as well as related articles, social media sharing options and posting categories, which allow readers to find further relevant content.

The website will strive to again bring readers relevant announcements (e.g. re new publications, conferences, calls for papers) and substantive articles on various current topics in international law. As always, we also remain open to guest posts, new authors or information, that you may wish to have published on the International Law Observer.

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