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Guest Writer Dr Derek Fincham

International Law Observer is pleased to welcome Dr Derek Fincham as guest writer for the next few days. Derek currently serves as a Westerfield Fellow at Loyola Law School, New Orleans, where he teaches Property Law and Heritage and Legal Research and Writing. He holds a BA in history from University of Kansas, a JD from Wake Forrest Law School and a PhD from University of Aberdeen obtained in 2008. Derek’s main areas of research are property law, contract law, conflict of laws, in particular public and private law relating to heritage and the arts. He maintains a blog on law and policy relating to art and antiquities, Illicit Cultural Property Blog, which has been cited by the New York Times and the BBC.  While guest blogging, Derek will touch upon general issues relating to international law as well as international legal issue relating to his special interest on art and antiquities law.

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