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Guest post by Roland Gjoni

The International Law Observer is proud to announce a guest post by Roland Gjoni, who is an independent scholar specializing in international law. He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and completed an LL.M. at Columbia University School of Law in 2005. Since 1999, he has served as a legal adviser to the American Bar Association, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, the World Bank, and other international organizations.

His guest post will be dealing with the Haradinaj case before the ICTY. For all of our readers who have not followed this case closely, Ramush Haradinaj is a former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army and a former prime minister of Kosovo. He is charged for having committed war crimes in the Kosovo War of 1999. After he was acquitted of all charges on 3 April 2008, the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY ordered a partial retrial on 21 July 2010.

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