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Free Advice to Law Students

It is not very often that one of the most eminent and powerful lawyers in the US offer free advice to law students. That is, however, what Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court did the other evening when speaking to the Federalist Society. Apart from criticising the eminent Chicago Law School for having lost its conservative credence, Scalia advised law students that they ought to dedicate their precious time to studying “bread and butter classes” rather than “made-up stuff” like “law and poverty”. It would be interesting to know whether Justice Scalia considers international law “made-up stuff” or “bread and butter” law. Although Scalia is right when asserting that “[T]here’s so much law to learn. Don’t waste your time”, my personal experience from studying the law for the last eight years tells me something slightly different. The best piece of advice available to law students, new as well experienced, is to simply pick the courses that interests you the most. In this way, a (let’s face it) sometimes dry and tedious subject, becomes much easier and, at the end of the day, more rewarding.

You can read Justice Scalia’s advice on the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

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