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Election Forensics: A Tool for Courts?

Dmitry Kurnosov of iCourts in Copenhagen has published a new article: Election Forensics: A Tool for Courts?

Here is the abstract:

Election forensics is increasingly popular in Political Science as a tool for detecting electoral fraud. It helps find suspicious patterns in turnout and vote distribution. It also gains traction in media and among the public. However, courts have not yet considered the potential of this technique. This is despite the fact that the judiciary is often the ultimate arbiter of electoral disputes and the impact of judgments can be far-reaching. This article suggests that election forensics can be a useful tool for courts. It can help them establish basic thresholds for determining electoral fraud. This would contribute to the integrity of the democratic process and enhance the legitimacy of courts themselves. Nevertheless, caution is required to avoid overreliance on forensic tools.

The full article can be accessed here.