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Darfur: Impact of ICC Warrant of Arrest Against Bashir to the Peace Processes

The Office of the Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court has received a lot of critcism  from diffrent sections of the world with regards Mr  Moreno Ocampo’s application for a warrant of arrest against one the most ruthless dictators Africa has ever seen, President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan who is being accused of perpetrating war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Many African countries, including their impotent and cosmetic mother institutions, the African Union and the Arab League have expressed disdain and discontent over the application under the facade that it would jeopardise the peace processes that are underway to restore the country to normality. However, some have expressed hope that the move by the Chief Prosecutor was a historic and heroic decision as it seems that the warrant of arrest has made a positive impact in restoring peace in Darfur. This issue has been succintly summed up in the UK Telegraph today. The article gives credence to the role of the court in the international legal order especially at this point in its history when its effeicacy and legitimacy has been under severe criticism especially from the African countries who, although they participated in deliberations that gave birth to this institution, now think that it was solely established to try African countries and its leaders.


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