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Consultation on the Amendments to the Regulations of the Registry of the International Criminal Court

In light of the strong impact that the amendments to the Regulations of the Registry could bring to the judicial proceedings of the Court, the Registry of the ICC has invited international law experts to provide their comments on these amendments. You may find the Regulations of the Registry with proposed amendments here: English | French

Comments on these amendments can be submitted throughout the month of May 2012. In order to submit your comments, click here, and fill out the comments form.

The Registry has gained valuable experience and developed specific approaches while fulfilling its mandates over the past 10 years, and has identified regulations which need to be adapted to current practices. For example, the implementation of the rights enjoyed by the detained persons is being closely tailored to the reality, in the sense that some restrictions will be applied to the use of some facilities for the security and good order of the Detention Centre. In addition, the participation and recognition of the victims will be further reinforced by strengthening the mechanism of legal representation as regulated by the Rome Statute, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence and the Regulation of the Court.

The adoption of these amendments will constitute a turning point in the history of the Registry and the Court as a whole. The comments received will be taken into consideration and reference will be made to the respective authors in the preparatory works.

In accordance with regulation 4 of the Regulations of the Registry, the process for amending the Regulations of the Registry is as follows:

  • Amendments have been proposed by the sections of the Registry which daily activities are directly regulated by the Regulations of the Registry;
  • These amendments are sent out for external consultation(including web-consultation) to individual experts, scholars, civil societies, NGOs and other institutions with relevant expertise;
  • Following external consultation, a workshop will be convened in the end of June 2012 where the NGOs, individual experts, scholars, members of civil society and other institutions with relevant expertise are invited for discussions on the proposed amendments and comments to the Regulations of the Registry;
  • Draft amendments resulting from the consultations and discussions will be communicated to the Office of the Prosecutor which should be consulted in pursuance of sub-regulation 2 of the forth regulation of the Regulations, taking into account its participation to the workshop;
  • In partnership with the Chambers further comments will be made in consultation with the judges;
  • Final amendments incorporating comments from the Office of the Prosecutor as well as the Chambers will be submitted to the Presidency for approval.

This activity forms part of 10-year anniversary of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The post is based on the ICC Registry announcement that can be accessed here.

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