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Conference: The Rule of Law and the Global War on Terrorism: Detainees, Interrogations, and Military Commissions

Thanks to Martin Wisneski for drawing my attention to this conference:

The Rule of Law and the Global War on Terrorism: Detainees, Interrogations, and Military Commissions, November 13-14, 2008

Sponsored by the Washburn University School of Law Center for Law and Government and the Washburn Law Journal

The United States Constitution was founded on the Rule of Law. The Global War on Terrorism has tested the limits of our constitutional values and has posed unprecedented challenges for the U.S. legal system. Throughout these difficult times, the federal courts have been instrumental in upholding the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law and the Global War on Terrorism Symposium will examine legal implications of governmental actions taken in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Our speakers and participants will reevaluate and reassess these complex issues to explore possible ways forward as our nation prepares for a new administration.

Speakers and presenters include: William C. Banks; Christopher W. Behan; George P. Fletcher; David J. R. Frakt; David E. Graham; Amos Guiora; Samuel V. Jones; Joseph Margulies; The Honorable Alberto J. Mora; Mary Ellen O’Connell; Michael P. O’Connor; Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper; Celia Rumann; Thomas J. Romig; Philippe Sands; Charlie Savage; Robert F. Turner; Sean Watts; and Noah S. Weisbord. Papers by some of these speakers will be published in upcoming issues of the Washburn Law Journal.

Themes for the symposium are:

  • Setting the Conditions for the War on Terrorism
  • The U.S. Administration Responds: Detain and Interrogate
  • The U.S. Congress and Courts Respond: Detainee Treatment Act, Military Commissions, and Habeas Corpus
  • A New Administration: The Way Forward

A complete schedule of presentations is available here. Registration for the symposium is complimentary. Seating is limited. To ensure sufficient accommodations you must pre-register online at the above website.

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