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Clip of the week: What is a Crime Against Humanity?

This week’s clip is a piece of the so-called Pinky Show on the basic question of “What is a Crime Against Humanity?”. In this clip, the interviewer (Pinky) calls up international law expert Peter Weiss (board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights) and asks him what a Crime Against Humanity is, how a crime against humanity is different from a war crime, how the ‘superior orders’ defense works, how torture is defined, what the International Criminal Court does, the importance of ordinary people taking a stand on matters of international law etc.

What exactly is “Pinky”? Well, Pinky is a “super lo-tech hand-drawn educational TV show” that focuses on “information & ideas that have been misrepresented, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion.” The Pinky Show presents and analyzes the material in an informal, easy-to-understand way, with helpful illustrations. Enjoy (I know I did)!

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