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Posts published by “Gentian Zyberi”

I work at the Norwegian Center for Human Rights of the University of Oslo. Previously I have worked at the Amsterdam Center for International Law of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. During the last over twenty years I have done research, published and taught in the areas of international human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and public international law at universities in the Netherlands, US, China, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Norway.

OTP/ICC issues statement on Libya

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (OTP/ICC) issued a statement on Libya following the adoption by the Security Council of Resolution 1970(2011) (see previous post). It remains to be seen what will be the response of Libya to this statement and whether it will comply with the duty to cooperate imposed upon it by the Security Council acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter (Article 41, measures not involving the use of armed force). The referral seems to raise issues relating to State cooperation, since a considerable number of States have not ratified the ICC Statute. Notably, the Security Council did recognize in its…