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Posts published by “Gentian Zyberi”

I work at the Norwegian Center for Human Rights of the University of Oslo. Previously I have worked at the Amsterdam Center for International Law of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights of Utrecht University. During the last seventeen years I have done research, published and taught in the areas of international human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and public international law at universities in the Netherlands, US, China, Albania and Norway.

Debate on International Law: Its Importance and Place in Curricula

There have been a few interesting posts on our blog and elsewhere on two distinct, but related issues. That is the importance of international law and its place in the university curricula. First I just wanted to expand a little on what my fellow co-blogger Ole W. Pedersen wrote in the last post on 18 September, drawing attention to an article by Posner entitled ‘Think Again: International Law’. Indeed, Posner’s sobering if not at times cynical remarks, force one to critically examine certain issues which oftentimes are usually and easily taken for granted. After listing certain highlights from Bush’s activity…