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Announcement of the Annual IViR Summer Course on Privacy Law and Policy (Amsterdam, 1-5 July 2024)

The Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam announces the 11th edition of the Annual IViR Summer Course on Privacy Law and Policy. The course will extend over a five-day period from July 1 to 5, 2024, at de Burcht, a historic building in the center of Amsterdam. This year the summer course will focus on the rules which apply to data-driven digital technologies and AI in both the EU and the US. Think of the requisite data to train machine learning algorithms, algorithms which personalize content for users and prediction algorithms which can affect people in various ways. Privacy law and policy already apply to many of the data-driven processes at a time when the EU and the US adopt new rules to govern risky AI.

The course will feature a distinguished faculty of European and US academics, regulators and practitioners who will investigate the EU and US legal frameworks and how they operate together. Set against the European perspective, Sjoera Nas will share insights about disciplining cloud providers through data protection and fundamental rights impact assessments. Professor Frederik Zuiderveen-Borgesius will explain how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) already protects against discrimination by algorithms. Reporting back from legal practice, Axel Arnbak will explain how companies incorporate the GDPR’s risk-based approach. Stefan Kulk and Brend Plantinga, both senior legal advisors of the Dutch data protection authority, will introduce us to the supervision of algorithms and AI. Professor Dennis Hirsch and Professor Margot Kaminski will convey the US legal approach to data privacy, the mandate of the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumer privacy, the recent wave of state privacy laws and the Whitehouse AI Executive Order. The full program and faculty page can be found online. Participants will acquire the essential knowledge necessary to navigate privacy law and policy for data-driven digital technologies that operate in the EU and the US. The seminar format promotes interaction among participants and faculty, and incorporates a range of practical exercises to apply the knowledge. The course is aimed at lawyers, government officials, NGO staff, academics, PhD students and others who work in the areas of privacy and data protection law. Participants should have some prior knowledge of the field. The course is taught at the post-graduate level and enrolment is limited to 25 participants. For further information and registration please consult the website.

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