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The activity of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for 2010-2011

The Report of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for the period from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011 was presented before the Security Council on 6 June 2011 by the President of the ICTR, Judge Khalida Rachid Khan. For accessing the full text of the ICTR Annual Report click here.

In her speech Judge Khan provided an update on the progress of the Tribunal towards completion. Like her ICTY counterpart, she also pointed out that staff retention remains a critical issue. Another important issue to which she drew the attention of the Security Council is the increasingly problematic issue of the relocation of acquitted persons. While in any national jurisdiction, a person acquitted of criminal allegations is set free and allowed to fully reintegrate into society, the persons acquitted by the ICTR remain trapped in Arusha, as they wait to be relocated to a safe country.

For the full text of Judge Khan’s speech see here.

As at 4 November 2011, the Tribunal for Rwanda had completed the work at the trial level with respect to 76 of the 92 accused, which included two referrals to national jurisdictions, two withdrawn indictments, and two indictees who died prior to or in the course of the trial. The Tribunal has delivered 50 first-instance judgements involving 70 accused, 9 of whom pleaded guilty. Appellate proceedings have been concluded in respect of 37 persons. Nine fugitives remain at large.

For the 2011 ICTR Completion Strategy Report, see here.

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