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The activity of the International Criminal Court for 2010-2011

The Report of the International Criminal Court covering the period 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011 was presented before the General Assembly of the United Nations on 26 October 2011 by the President of the ICC, Judge Sang‐Hyun Song. In his speech  Judge Sang‐Hyun Song first noted that with two new investigations and several new cases, the Court is busier than ever. He also noted that international support for the ICC has continued to grow; with five new states joining the Rome Statute, the number of States Parties has increased to 119 (120 from 1 February 2012). There are 14 cases in 7 situations which have been brought before the International Criminal Court (for more information see here).

Judge Sang‐Hyun Song stated that as the ICC’s first judgments are drawing closer, we may in the coming year see also the first-ever judicial decisions by the ICC on reparations to victims. When that moment comes, the Trust Fund for Victims will have an important role to play: as an implementing agency for Court-ordered reparations as well as a possible source of complementary financing of reparations awards, in the case that a convicted person is found to be indigent. Judge Sang‐Hyun Song ended his speech with a forceful appeal to the UN member States:

I appeal to all UN member states to stand united behind the international efforts to suppress the gravest crimes known to humanity. The Rome Statute is based on common values of fundamental importance – peace, security and the well-being of the children, men and women of the world.

By joining this community, each state adds a brick to a wall that protects future generations from terrible atrocities.

For the full report of the ICC activity during the period 2010-2011 click here.

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