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The International Law Observer was selected one of the LexisNexis Top 25 International & Foreign Law Blogs for 2011, featured on the LexisNexis International & Foreign Law Community. According to LexisNexis:

The Top 25 group includes some of the best talent in the blogosphere and creates an invaluable content aggregate for all segments of the International & Foreign Law practice. Most good blogs provide frequent posts on timely topics, but the authors in this year’s collective take their blogs to a different level by providing insightful commentary that demonstrates how blogs can—and do—impact and influence the world of international and foreign law.

In 2008, the International Law Observer was chosen one of the top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs by the Criminal Justice Degrees Guide and one of only ten law blogs focusing specifically on international law and foreign law. Other blogs listed in this category were Opinio Juris, International Law Reporter and EU Law Blog.

The following is a selection of notable referers to the International Law Observer. Please let us know if you feel that an important link is missing.