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150th Birthday of John Dewey

deweyThis week marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of American philosopher John Dewy. Although not terrible relevant to international law per se, Dewey’s contribution to philosophy stretches a wide range of areas relevant to the law. Of interest to international lawyers would be Dewey’s work on democracy emphasising the deliberative role of individuals (not in a strictly liberal sense) rather than institutions. In addition, Dewey’s work on pragmatism as a philosophical discipline remains very valid today as pragmatism is experiencing a comeback. For teachers of law, Dewey’s work on education and epistemology (or inquiry) ought to be of interest. Finally, Dewey’s take on the role of the corporation (favouring a definition by consequence) should sit well with those who favours stronger responsibility for corporate actions.

For more information on this excellent thinker check out the Center for Dewey Studies, his entry on Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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